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Things to do in Spain

Posted on 14 May 2018 by admin (0)

Eat and frolic. These are basically two of main activities worth doing in Spain. Because if you are going to eat and frolic outside the United States, do it on this side of the Iberian peninsula. Spanish cuisine has earned a special place in most foodies’ bucket lists. Some folks would even place it as a sub-category under Mediterranean cuisine since some major cities are found by the European coast. So what activities can keep you preoccupied in the major Spanish cities?


Sevilla is a city known to the old school theater enthusiasts due to the popularity of the opera “Carmen” by Georges Bizet. Today, tourists flock here for exploring the classic architecture and interior design found in the churches here. Most of them have become tourist attractions even among non-Catholics due to the lavish festivities staged here during Semana Santa (Holy Week). Some tourists chose to drop by here to enjoy the food found in tapas bars like Bodeguita Antonio Romero and restaurants like Petit Comite and Bar El Baratillo.


That dome found in most Spanish-based tourist pamphlets has become the face of Valencia tourism. It boosted local tourism since travelers wanted to see it up close and see for themselves on whether this is the Ciudad De Las Artes Y Ciencia or the Oceanographic, two of the concrete evidence found of how modern this Spanish city is. A friend working in one of the top moving companies in Chula Vista told me though that despite the modern approach to tourism, the city has not forgotten its roots. This is seen in some of the best culinary hotspots like the Casanova Pizzeria and the Vertical. Reservation in those restaurants is tough to book due to high demand. But it is worth it. They are the best places to dine Mediterranean style for a reason. So booking reservations to go along with your hotel reservation is highly recommended.


Barcelona is more like for the artistic crowd. Some cafes here even pitched their dishes to most visitors of the CaixaForum, one of the top destinations for events-based sojourns. Some tourists accustomed to the other Spanish-speaking tourist hotspots would get the shock of their lives upon getting here since not everyone speaks Spanish. Catalan is the more prominent language here. The same friend told me about how the Catalan independence issue slightly affected tourism here. But it doesn’t stop the brave souls from exploring the sumptuous bites found at Roca Moo and Roca Bar. Feeling like splurging more? Drop by Boca Chica for the more interesting cocktails with a bunch of friends if budget is not a problem.


Of course, the grand Spanish city of Madrid. The city is thankful to Pablo Picasso and other prominent names in the visual arts for making Madrid one of the top European cities to visit. Most of these exquisite works of art are found by Thyssen and Prado, to name 2 of the museums worth exploring. The more serious art enthusiasts would go to the Royal Palace and Reina Sofia – sometimes in that order – to check out the works of art first heard about in art classes. In between museum stops, dining at some tapas bars along Calle Serrano helps in recharging for the long walk. Calle Serrano is home to the tapas bar named Jose Luis and the gourmet restaurant Mallorca.

Yes, Spanish tourist destinations revolve around walking, gawking at amazing pieces of art and dining in tapas bars. Dining in select Mediterranean restaurants is best enjoyed on a separate day since you have more than 1 city to explore. It promises a memorable journey to this side of Europe like you’ve never experienced before.