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How to survive airport security while carrying gadgets?

Posted on 10 April 2018 by admin (0)

That one inconvenience travelers are willing to endure just to get out of state is airport security. Like seriously. Folks that x-ray your baggage along with your body just to check for any bombs or some other weapon stuck within your nether regions get a convenient excuse to check you inside out. And you endure it since it doesn’t really feel like forever, right? Right?


The thing here is that it doesn’t take forever especially if you have prepared well for that part of the itinerary. You may have some gadgets in your carry-on bag that might cause the ordeal to last long unless packed neatly within the bag. How can they alleviate the inconvenience of airport inspection?

  • Make sure that the gadget is charged enough for the inspection.

Be it a laptop, notebook, netbook or tablet, having enough energy in it will help you turn it on quick enough for a brief inspection. The cables might be packed neatly elsewhere in the bag (more on that later) and it would take a lot longer to get them plugged into the device to a nearby socket. That is if ever you find one. Inspecting the laptop should not take long nor require a hard reset. Check local state laws though to see how far are these cops allowed to check apart from what they call “the Plainview doctrine”. Otherwise, your gadget would be fine.

  • Have the cables placed in a pouch.

One good reason for that pouch is by not getting it tangled in the carry-on bag. You can’t always claim that you’re in a hurry that you just rolled cables in a ball and threw it in the bag. Besides, it can look suspicious when scanned under an x-ray. Not that they would look like some snake’s nest. But the rushed way that it got rolled up might get the airport security personnel suspicious about the abrupt way it wrapped around that corner. To ensure that the cable is not covering underneath that plump, just roll it neatly and secure with a rubber band before putting it in a little nylon pouch.

  • Be aware of the watt-hour limits when carrying a power bank.

Depending on where you’re coming from or where you’re going to, the safe size limit for a power bank is 100 watt-hours per battery. This is why the power bank is occasionally called an external battery since it will support your phone. It will usually have its watt-hour capacity printed out on the label. This will make said device not susceptible to confiscation. Otherwise, the airport security might take it away for being “suspicious”. Devices without labels are flight risks. So the burden of proving that these items are safe to bring aboard a plane is on you.

In a nutshell, airport security is willing to take the heat in ensuring that passengers get on board a safe flight. But each passenger has to participate in the effort by proving their “worthiness” by subjecting themselves to the security check. With these tips, the security check becomes more manageable on your end without having to throw a fit and prolonging the temporary stop by the metal detector and x-ray machine. Have a fun journey ahead.