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Posted on 10 October 2019 by admin (0)

Moving scams occur more often than you can imagine. There are a lot of unscrupulous elements acting in the guise of legitimate movers. You might fall victim and get ripped off if you are not extra careful. Here are some important points to keep in mind when hiring a professional mover to avoid getting scammed.

  1.  Start planning early: when a move is hastily planned, you are likely to overlook red flags or fail to notice signs that a moving company is only out to scam you. Unless a move is impromptu, you should start planning as early as possible. This way, you get enough time to scrutinize your options before you hire.

2. Background checks: to avoid scams when hiring any service company including movers, you should do your background checks on any company you intend to hire. A company with a track record of successful moves is less likely to be fake compared to one that just sprung up out of nowhere. Hire a credible company that has a reputation to protect to avoid getting scammed. You can also check with your local Better Business Bureau for the company’s business rating. companies with a history of bad customer services should be avoided.

3. Get referrals: one of the best ways to be sure of a company’s reputation is if you are referred by a satisfied customer that has hired the same company in recent time. Ask your friends, neighbors or colleagues for the contact of moving companies they trust in the area. You can also ask your real estate agents for their recommendations. They must have worked with multiple clients in the past and can assist you with finding competent movers in the area.

4. Checks for license and insurance: as with everything else serious errors can occur in the moving process. Loss is minimized when such incidents occur if you hire a company that is properly insured. Be sure to ask about the moving company’s insurance cover before you agree to a contract.

5. Get a contract: To avoid getting scammed, you should ensure that the moving company puts every detail into writing. The contract should include every detail of the move including all charges, dates and time. Insufficient paperwork is a red flag that should never be overlooked.

6. Don’t pay large deposit sums: it is normal for movers to ask for a small sum of money as a good faith deposit but companies asking for a large lump sum are most likely trying to scam you. The common range of deposit most companies ask for is usually between $100 to $500. Don’t let anyone sweet talk you into paying more.

  1. Be wary of Internet-only companies: dealing with companies without a physical storefront is a risky business. While this doesn’t mean they are scams, companies that only exist on the internet alone have little or nothing holding them down. They can conveniently vanish with your properties without a trace. 


With the right moving company by your side, relocating should be simple and straightforward. You can avoid scam services that want to steal your cash or property by following the tips above.