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A Surfing Adventure

Posted on 02 November 2018 by admin (0)

Trying out surfing has its ups and downs. For the most part, you want to experience the waves in beaches where they rise high enough to pump up the excitement. On the other hand, it is the same waves that scare you to stay by the seashore and just wait for that dramatic sunset to help you cope with other interesting stuff to do.

Why do people try surfing?

Even tourists who have never been to the beach before ending up trying surfing whenever the possibility of learning it falls on their lap. Not literally but you get the point. Everyone gets interested in since riding the waves seemed more exciting than swimming along the currents. Also, if you are not accustomed to the rising tide in the middle of swimming, then stepping on a surfboard becomes an attractive alternative.

There are beaches where instructors are ready to teach tourists how to surf. Nice sideline for these folks and an interesting view to pitch their area as a place for adventure. While other adventure seekers get a pleasurable high from confronting the currents in whitewater rafting, the beach bums would find a beach with thrilling waves to ride. Or at least thrilling enough to balance the emotions between fear and excitement.

Riding high

The rush of water at close range with the chest on the top surface of the surfboard, hands on the opposite sides of the chest and one leg partly bent anticipating the waves. That is the easy part. It is lifting one’s body to position the feet in the middle of the surfboard that is hard. Or at least according to a San Diegan surfer from a local carpet cleaning company. Sometimes, the positioning in itself makes you question if your surfing position is correct. That is until you realize which feet serves as a stabilizer on your way back to the shore above the surfboard itself.

Riding high is good. Falling on your butt makes you realize that something about the stance is not right. Either you stood on the wrong side of the board, you are not in the middle of the surfboard itself or your knees gave way before you even realize it. Not all instances occur at the same time. Hindsight is 20/20 and you just keep track of your mistakes the moment you have risen above the waters to gasp for breath. Now that part is easy since the shallow waters close to the seashore served as a contrast to the waves.

Which beach is this exactly?

Now not all beaches have a shallow part between the waves and the seashore. Familiarizing yourself with your current destination helps in checking how shallow the currents must be before one pushes forward with the standing part. Or you can always choose to ride the waves with your chest flat on the board for the rest of the surfing tutorial session. It’s never wrong to be on the safe side of your beach-themed vacation especially when you have balancing issues. Have fun with the waves and don’t forget to breathe properly to avoid panicking.