Things to do in Spain

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Eat and frolic. These are basically two of main activities worth doing in Spain. Because if you are going to eat and frolic outside the United States, do it on this side of the Iberian peninsula. Spanish cuisine has earned a special place in most foodies’ bucket lists. Some folks would even place it as a sub-category under Mediterranean cuisine since some major cities are found by the European coast. So what activities can keep you preoccupied in the major Spanish cities?


Sevilla is a city known to the old school theater enthusiasts due to the popularity of the opera “Carmen” by Georges Bizet. Today, tourists flock here for exploring the classic architecture and interior design found in the churches here. Most of them have become tourist attractions even among non-Catholics due to the lavish festivities staged here during Semana Santa (Holy Week). Some tourists chose to drop by here to enjoy the food found in tapas bars like Bodeguita Antonio Romero and restaurants like Petit Comite and Bar El Baratillo.


That dome found in most Spanish-based tourist pamphlets has become the face of Valencia tourism. It boosted local tourism since travelers wanted to see it up close and see for themselves on whether this is the Ciudad De Las Artes Y Ciencia or the Oceanographic, two of the concrete evidence found of how modern this Spanish city is. A friend working in one of the top moving companies in Chula Vista told me though that despite the modern approach to tourism, the city has not forgotten its roots. This is seen in some of the best culinary hotspots like the Casanova Pizzeria and the Vertical. Reservation in those restaurants is tough to book due to high demand. But it is worth it. They are the best places to dine Mediterranean style for a reason. So booking reservations to go along with your hotel reservation is highly recommended.


Barcelona is more like for the artistic crowd. Some cafes here even pitched their dishes to most visitors of the CaixaForum, one of the top destinations for events-based sojourns. Some tourists accustomed to the other Spanish-speaking tourist hotspots would get the shock of their lives upon getting here since not everyone speaks Spanish. Catalan is the more prominent language here. The same friend told me about how the Catalan independence issue slightly affected tourism here. But it doesn’t stop the brave souls from exploring the sumptuous bites found at Roca Moo and Roca Bar. Feeling like splurging more? Drop by Boca Chica for the more interesting cocktails with a bunch of friends if budget is not a problem.


Of course, the grand Spanish city of Madrid. The city is thankful to Pablo Picasso and other prominent names in the visual arts for making Madrid one of the top European cities to visit. Most of these exquisite works of art are found by Thyssen and Prado, to name 2 of the museums worth exploring. The more serious art enthusiasts would go to the Royal Palace and Reina Sofia – sometimes in that order – to check out the works of art first heard about in art classes. In between museum stops, dining at some tapas bars along Calle Serrano helps in recharging for the long walk. Calle Serrano is home to the tapas bar named Jose Luis and the gourmet restaurant Mallorca.

Yes, Spanish tourist destinations revolve around walking, gawking at amazing pieces of art and dining in tapas bars. Dining in select Mediterranean restaurants is best enjoyed on a separate day since you have more than 1 city to explore. It promises a memorable journey to this side of Europe like you’ve never experienced before.

5 grand structures tourists love to see in Paris

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From the Eiffel tower to the Notre-Dame, the French capital is full of sites that continually pull tourists in their millions and everybody knows why. The historical city of Paris is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places to visit in the world. The home of Fashion and beauty the city beauty of Paris is better experienced rather than spoken of. Here are some of the enchanting locations in Paris that Tourists can’t wait to see:

The Eiffel Tower

Whenever Paris is mentioned, Eiffel tower is the picture that comes to mind. And rightly so too. The Le Tour Eiffel commissioned in 1889 is an accurate symbolism of French grandeur and majesty a perfect background for any tourist picture.

The Louvre Museum

Built originally to serve as a medieval fortress by king Filipe Auguste the Louvre palace and pyramid has undergone several changes before achieving its current status as one of the largest Museum in all of Europe. The Sully, Denon and Richelieu wings of the museum currently have on display 35,000 art pieces some of them as old as the middle ages. Tourists from all over the world troop in to see the Mona Lisa one of the most beautiful paintings of all time.

The Notre-Dame de Paris

Europe is home to several grand cathedrals and chapels and Paris has a fair share of these medieval wonders. The Notre-dame is one of the largest of its kind taking over 100 years to come into completion. Located on a small island right in the heart of Paris, tourist will be thrilled to learn the rich history of one of Paris unique historical monument.

Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie

Paris is also where you find the largest science museum in all of Europe. A center for promoting scientific culture and one of the most visited sites in Paris. Visitors can take a tour of the several scientific marvels in the building one of the most notable being the “bioclimatic facade” the first ever structural glass walls that was constructed without using any supporting fins or framings.

Basilique du Sacré-Cœur

Enjoy a breathtaking view of one Paris from the Roman Catholic Basilica a location which is reckoned as one of the highest altitudes in Europe. The church itself contains one of the largest mosaic painting of Jesus Christ. The building which stands in honor of the 58,000 victims of the Franco-Prussian war of the 19th century is one of the most excellent architectural and engineering structures of all time. The structure was built with a stone that keeps itself white so it always looks pristinely clean anytime you visit.

Paris is home to more of these palatial wonders that will keep you Awestruck and amazed at their unique structures and amazing history such as the Pompidou center, Musee d’Orsay, Sainte chapel among others adorning the already beautiful city and satisfying the curious hearts of visitors from everywhere.

5 Things to Do Before You Travel

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You have booked for your trip, and you are all packed and ready to zoom off for some days of fun. Before you hit the road, you need to tie up some loose ends and get some important things in place to ensure that you do not find yourself in an unpleasant situation during your trip. So for the before the road rage begins here are some of the things you should check out:

For pet owners, get a sitter: Once you’ve had the day of your trip fixed, it is important that you find and book a house sitter or kernels for your pets. This will save you the trouble of last minute arrangements or even cancellations if you remember too late.

Advance payments and stop orders:

You don’t want to wait the final minutes of your preparations to do this. Since most stop orders take more than a day to process, you might want to do this at least three days before your scheduled day of departure. You should also confirm and book for advance payments for services you want to continue while you are away such as your gardening/landscaping. Would it not be a terrible thing to be worrying about mowing your lawn while you are bungee jumping?

Arrange for enough cash:

For a domestic trip, you simply need to make enough cash withdrawals so you won’t have to worry about finding an ATM when you arrive at your destination. For international trips, you should make arrangements on how to make withdrawals the moment you arrive at your destination, this might include checking out the website of your destination to confirm for an ATM you make use of on arrival.

In case of international trips, you should also communicate with your credit card company and bank about your trip so that overseas spending on your card will not be interpreted as a fraudulent transaction and your account may be blocked. Here’s how to notify your bank.

Plan for your arrival and departure:

The first and last day of your trip is usually the most important. You will be arriving in a completely strange environment, and planning will do you a lot of good. You need to prepare for your lodging on arrival, as well as the places of attraction close to where you are lodging and also nearby amenities that will make your first day less confusing.

You should also pre-package all the essential things such as house keys, car keys, or documents you will need on your arrival back home so that you won’t have to start unpacking your load immediately you arrive

Create a list of activities you wish to do on your trip:

The best way to guarantee maximum fun on your trip with as little glitches as possible is to plan appropriately. Before hitting the road, you should go online and search for as much information about your destination including things such hobbies and where you can easily find them, local entertainment at your destination and so on. You could even get tickets ahead to save time.

Proper planning is vital for an enjoyable trip while. While you will find still things on your trip that you did not plan for which is, of course, part of the fun in traveling, having most of your stay figured out beforehand will save you a lot of stress.

How to survive airport security while carrying gadgets?

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That one inconvenience travelers are willing to endure just to get out of state is airport security. Like seriously. Folks that x-ray your baggage along with your body just to check for any bombs or some other weapon stuck within your nether regions get a convenient excuse to check you inside out. And you endure it since it doesn’t really feel like forever, right? Right?


The thing here is that it doesn’t take forever especially if you have prepared well for that part of the itinerary. You may have some gadgets in your carry-on bag that might cause the ordeal to last long unless packed neatly within the bag. How can they alleviate the inconvenience of airport inspection?

  • Make sure that the gadget is charged enough for the inspection.

Be it a laptop, notebook, netbook or tablet, having enough energy in it will help you turn it on quick enough for a brief inspection. The cables might be packed neatly elsewhere in the bag (more on that later) and it would take a lot longer to get them plugged into the device to a nearby socket. That is if ever you find one. Inspecting the laptop should not take long nor require a hard reset. Check local state laws though to see how far are these cops allowed to check apart from what they call “the Plainview doctrine”. Otherwise, your gadget would be fine.

  • Have the cables placed in a pouch.

One good reason for that pouch is by not getting it tangled in the carry-on bag. You can’t always claim that you’re in a hurry that you just rolled cables in a ball and threw it in the bag. Besides, it can look suspicious when scanned under an x-ray. Not that they would look like some snake’s nest. But the rushed way that it got rolled up might get the airport security personnel suspicious about the abrupt way it wrapped around that corner. To ensure that the cable is not covering underneath that plump, just roll it neatly and secure with a rubber band before putting it in a little nylon pouch.

  • Be aware of the watt-hour limits when carrying a power bank.

Depending on where you’re coming from or where you’re going to, the safe size limit for a power bank is 100 watt-hours per battery. This is why the power bank is occasionally called an external battery since it will support your phone. It will usually have its watt-hour capacity printed out on the label. This will make said device not susceptible to confiscation. Otherwise, the airport security might take it away for being “suspicious”. Devices without labels are flight risks. So the burden of proving that these items are safe to bring aboard a plane is on you.

In a nutshell, airport security is willing to take the heat in ensuring that passengers get on board a safe flight. But each passenger has to participate in the effort by proving their “worthiness” by subjecting themselves to the security check. With these tips, the security check becomes more manageable on your end without having to throw a fit and prolonging the temporary stop by the metal detector and x-ray machine. Have a fun journey ahead.

What is the top country to travel to and why?

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There are so many different countries that we can visit. Did you ever wonder which country is the number one country to travel to? Not everyone has the money to travel to more than one foreign country, and therefore they want to make sure that they are visited the top country in the world. This can be a difficult decision if you don’t know which country you should consider going. These are some of the information that you should consider when you are looking for the best country. And, also the reasons why this is such a great country.

The number one country to travel to

For many, this won’t come as a surprise. Italy is known as the top country to travel to. This is according to statistics about how many tourists are visiting the country and the positive reviews that this country has gotten.

Many people don’t really wonder why this is the number one country. There are so many positive things about Italy, that is making this the top country.

Why is this such a great country

Top-class food, friendly locals, great tourist attractions, etc. These are just to name a couple of the reasons why this is the number one country in the world.

If you have eaten Italian food before, you will know why their food is popular and why this is one of the best countries in the world. Pizza and pasta are delicious and not many people are going to disagree.

The locals are always friendly towards tourists and are eager to assist when you have some problems finding your way. This is great to visit a country that is friendly and that you can ask for assistance for. Making this the reason for the number one tourist country.  The third reason why this is such a great place to visit, it the number of tourist attractions that you can find in the country. They have historical buildings and everything is just different there.

Things to consider before you are going to this country

There are a couple of things that you should consider before you are going to this country. The place where you are going to stay is going to make or break your holiday. So, you should make sure that you are making a booking at one of the known restaurants or resorts in Italy. Then, you will have a great experience and learn why people are saying that Italy is the best.

Did you ever wonder which country is the best tourist country in the world? This is Italy. And, there are really a lot of reasons why this is one of the best countries in the world to visit if you are a tourist. You need to make sure that you have enough money and that you are going to know the places that you need to visit.